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            Since establishe,we are constantly upgrading our equipments to meet the demands of the 

            precision machining industry,meanwhile,we are continually training our employees in the

             latest manufacturing technology. Equipped with advanced equipments,our team is trained to

             handle all kinds of complex manufacturing challenge.


            Main Manufacturing Devices



            Device Model  Origin  X/Y/Z(MM) Number
            CNC Machining Center  OKUMA MAR630H Japan  600*600*600 1
            CNC Machining Center  ENSHU GE460 Japan  1000*800*810 2
            CNC Machining Center  TACHUNG VC-55 TaiWan  650*550*450 3
            CNC Machining Center  哈挺PLUS 480 TaiWan  480*400*430 2
            CNC Lathe CAK4085DI China 100*850 2
            Surface Grinder M7120E China 300*1000*400 1
            Surface Grinder M7140H China 400*1000*400 2
            Milling Machine XQ6225 China 250*1120 2
            Wire-Cutting Machine TL5040A China 500*400




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            CNC Machining Parts

            Derf team work closely with our clients to ensure the product is designed efficiently and all products are up to top standards for the required application. As a CNC machining manufacturer..

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            Forging components

            We make spare parts for cars, motorcycles, e-bike, electronic devices, sporting equipment, watercraft, aircraft,medical devices, DAT device, optical devices, clocks,machinery, engines, furniture and more.

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            Casting parts

            We are focus on different material , different processing casting parts , you can find what you want in here ! We have many years experience in this filed, exporting to many Countries ,used in wide range

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            cnc turned parts

            We have professional technical team to response any requirement from clients , Short delivery time by express or shipping . Also , will offer some effective suggestion in order to reduce cost .

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            About us

            Derf is precision cnc machining parts making factory located in wuxi ,China, We have been supplying high quality cnc machining parts for wide range of Industries.Since 2003, Derf has established itself as a leader in the custom high-precision cnc machining parts Read More>>

            Contact Us

            Shanghai Derf Manufacturing Co.,LTD.
            Address:Industrial Park, Tan Village, An Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
            Tel: +86-0510-88717062
            Fax: +86-0510-88717062

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